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Truth about the Internet for beginners. It is clear that "truth" a piece good, but is necessary after all it to all! Why this for beginners? All is simple. Those elementary trues which for the beginner become revelation and opening, for the skilled user are bothered banalities at the best. Or an occasion to start dispute with a view of specification of any minor details. But the purpose of this is another a bit - to put beginner on equal interesting road of truth that it did not loaf uselessly on the left footpaths of the half-truth or pure lie...

Dear friend, I is very glad that you have come on this page by which I did very diligently and thoughtfully, but...

But I should tell at once fairly and unequivocally - if you are the skilled user, have spent on the Internet any more one year, this page not for you. Here there will be only the elementary banal trues which to the skilled Internet surfer are known for a long time and do not represent absolutely any interest. Therefore, if you concern this category of users, it is better to you not to read further, to close this page, to save up the time. I hope, you have already reached understanding that time - money, and can be, even is more expensive than money. Though, depending on what course to consider. I personally would exchange 1 minute of life for 1 million € (alas, nobody offers even one thousand for a minute). What course at you - I do not know.

What is Web Design?

Yes, «a world wide web – WWW», the Web-site, Web-page – have been more recently shrouded by a fog of mysteriousness for the majority of the people working with the computer.
And those the few who had access to a network, with the big delight tell about surprising «world Internet» in which there is nothing impossible which leads the life, is not dependent on the country, governors or separate people. It is possible to tell that it is two-dimensional, probably, three-dimensional and colourful copy of the real world! And now this world is accessible, almost, to each person who has sat down for the computer connected by various communication channels with computers of the whole world.
On pages Internet magazines and books are published, libraries gather and exhibitions and conferences are held. Established in different cities of the world of a videocamera allow to broadcast events and to transfer facsimiles of various objects. And you, being worldwide, can address to information resources in a native language, look through magazines interesting you and to listen to news of favourite radio station. So, you already know that information possibilities Internet practically are not limited.
And what such Web-design and with what it eat? Whether there is a necessity to you it to study? We think that is, as by means of this means you can place the information on and the activity. You can publish the works (if they already are) and to place any information which is available for you. In other words, studying Web-design, you we will get ability competently and effectively to work in network Internet, realising the creative plans. However in connection with fast rate of development of Internet-technologies some important questions have not time to dare. Especially sharply it concerns design problems in Internet.

The matter is that at the heart of creation of Web-pages the elementary programming languages which are based on HTML-codes lie. HTML is language of a marking of the document, allowing to format and impose pages, using the most various information (text, graphic, sound). We will notice that absolutely until recently (that naturally enough) programmers were engaged in creation of Web-pages only. However questions of aesthetic character at registration of Web-pages and sites paled into insignificance. Now requirements to these documents have so increased that designers-artists were connected to process of their creation.

Here also there was a new trade the Web-designer. However so it is not enough Web-designers, (and you, possibly, have already noticed) that Internet still teems not conveniently made, not with attractive, a little interesting pages. Occurrence of the special books which are taking up questions of an art composition and a chromatics, design of interfaces, fonts and texts in application to Web-pages, has a little facilitated work of programmers. At the same time, without having skills to design activity, to put the received knowledge into practice it happens rather inconveniently. As to artists-designers at certain desire to master elementary elements of programming it is completely not difficult.

As now appears more and more the auxiliary software products facilitating process of a writing of a code. Besides, a similar problem sometimes solve very simply. Over creation of Web-documents programmers and artists, as, as well as many experts simultaneously work. Whether excludes this knowledge of methods of work of the workmate? Certainly, no. Especially for working out of a breadboard model of a site where composite problems, a colour score are solved.

Web-pages, programming and other modern requirements of Web-design for the optimum decision of a creative problem. We pay your attention that is important for the Web-designer. Namely, it is

far not only knowledge of programming language HTML. Though, certainly, the professional Web-designer should know all subtleties and nuances of internal structure of the Web-page. About it it is possible to notice that the attention to design of page and programming should be halved. Therefore, in advance we say to you that it is necessary to pay special attention on creation of design of page. Web-designers often argue on a choice of software of computer graphics. Some assert that professional tools of graphic design are important only. Others express the widespread point of view that tools, and design problems in Internet are important not. Tools, finally, mean nothing. And still, if you want to become the professional in the field of Web-design it is necessary for you to own in perfection not only computer tools of the highest level, but also knowledge of classical design. To Do without it to us it is not obviously possible, as the design bears in itself various types of information. And we see in it analogy between language Web both the competent and effective approach to any visual communications to speak language of graphic forms. So, what you learn in head of "a design Basis»? We almost sure, what in this a little clear still Web not to do without classics of design? Without methods of its realisation, for example, without basic education, laws of a proportional parity of parts of objects, a composition, a colour score and many other concepts and terms.

Is art-expressive methods of design will help you to realise creative plans, to show originality of thinking in the course of search and the decision of practical problems on Web-page or site creation. Then we will acquaint you with computer graphics bases. Considering that you any more the beginner in it, we will give only the high lights of this drawing which should be considered at creation of this or that page. First of all, appointment and spheres of use of computer graphics. Here, probably, you learn for yourselves something new. Will not prevent you and knowledge of kinds of computer graphics, Its basic concepts, colour models and other necessary data for Web-page creation. Well, and the knowledge of products Adobe and Macromedia will make the Web-designer much more attractively as the professional Web-schedules, than knowledge, for example, CorelDraw, PHOTO-PAINT or Paint Shop Pro. On the other hand, if at you, as a Webmaster, more modest requirements for design any of these products will be useful. In our opinion, programs for work with images and illustrations are the basic tool of the Web designer. In these programs all is born that it is accepted to name Web design. These programs give the chance to work with photos, to create images by means of colour and the text, to scan them, and also animate, to improve, optimise a drawing. And here further in the textbook we have defined three levels of training to Web-design. At the first level you will get acquainted with the general data on Web-programming. Lessons of creation of simple Web-pages by means of a HTML-code here have entered, a marking of the adult text, the reference … you learn that such "lists" and receptions of formatting of the text how to keep page and to look at it in the browser. Data of preparation of images for your Web-page by means of graphic editor Adobe Photoshop are not less important for you. In your work also bases of structurization of the information, colour schemes of a Web-site, especially editor Macromedia Dreamweaver also will be useful. If you want to pass to the second level of studying of Web-design you will know the basic technical features Web. At this level you learn (or remember) many terms new to you – tags, attributes, references, frames etc. Including we will tell and we will show you HTML-code structure, its appointment tags, learn to create Web-documents among the HTML-editor and other data. And, at last, at the third level you become almost the Web-professional if attentively study questions of working out of a content (maintenance) of a site and its structure. Here you learn that such interface navigation, can distinguish Web-design from polygraphic design, will get acquainted with "client" and "server" programs Jawa Script and dynamic HTML and many other things such as live webcam chat. Having studied all it, you have an opportunity to pass to creation of the site, having learnt everything that is necessary for this work. Certainly, you still should learn – how to place your site and as further it to support. For what it is necessary to get acquainted with resource support of a content of a site, with standard requirements to it that it was functional, maneuverable, accessible, and also corresponded to the international legislation.

In the conclusion we will analyse the results reached by you, we will give advice about site updating, and also actions for its further advancement in this direction. Interesting and that in the textbook after each lesson you can check up the knowledge test questions. Do not pass by them. They will help you to estimate the knowledge received by you (somewhat) objectively. We will notice what to begin training it is possible from any chapter or a lesson if you already know something in work with the computer. However we recommend to you to get acquainted with a material of each lesson to receive knowledge of Web-design in certain system.

It is not excluded that it will be pleasant to you and the video data picked up to lessons, and also its soundtrack. All it is developed by us on the basis of practical experience of teaching of this course for designers of is art-graphic faculty of the Moscow pedagogical university. Here for what the given textbook in which you as required can prepare yourselves for better work on Web-page or a site is necessary for you.

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